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Life, Love and Misery

desparatedebrh started this conversation

We all have to live and love but the hard part is the misery that seems to come with both of these. Growing up we dont realize how wonderful it is to have our parents help us thru the tough parts of our lives.  Even when we get older our folks still try to help but even they run out of money and cant help us anymore or we've lost our folks and it makes it even harder.

I wish I had an answer to our lives problems.  If I could help everyone on aidpage I surely would.  Sometimes though I've found that just talking with those in the same situation as I'm in does help alot.  None of us are alone in all the problems we face.  There's alot of people out there trying to find help for the same thing we are.  I know that talking isnt getting us money or paying our rent but one day we will all meet the person or persons that will be able to help us.

I know its probably crazy but I do think everyone in the world has a heart.  I know people who are rich tend to be greedy with their money but thats how they became rich.  I have a brother-in-law who could pay for my dentist and probably a bunch others but he won't come off a dime for anyone.  He always says that he had to help himself so why should he help others.  This phase tends to piss me off to say the least.  There's alot of us who have tried every way we know how to help ourselves but its just impossible.  Every now and then someone with money should just say - ok - I want to help those less fortunate than me.  People are bad about making assumptions and most the time the assumptions are right.  How can you truly know someone by just looking at them.

So what I dont buy the 200.00 pants or the 100.00 shirt.  So what that I buy Walmart and KMart clothes.  Why judge me for this.  I'm still dressed nice.  So what that I dont live in a big fancy house or drive a big fancy car.  That doesnt make me scum or a bad person.  Maybe I just like living where I live and driving what I drive.  God is the only one who can judge us and he has his hands full trying to help us all.  But he NEVER gives up on any of us.  He ALWAYS gives second - third - fourth chances and even more if we need it. Some folks think im crazy when I say that he's answered many prayers for me in the past and I know he will in the future.  Praying is great.  I dont go to church because unfortunately people really judge you there.  If you cant give enough money to the church they look down on you instead of helping you.  If you wear blue jeans to church - well - thats a no no.  I dont critizize anyone for going to church but my prayers in my own home are answered as those are who go to church. 

Dont get me wrong, I'm sure there are churches out there that do help those in need.  I'm just one who has never come across one.  I hate to be judged because once upon a time I had a marriage, a child, a job, money and everything one would need.  Then my life just fell apart.  I'm still trying year after year to put it back together.  I know in my heart that one day everything will be fine again if I just keep trying.  Thats what we all have to do "just keep trying and praying".  One day I hope i can win a lottery or just come into money one day and I promise I will help as many as I can on AidPage because this is what holds me together from day to day at the moment.  Although I havent gotten help I've still gotten alot of ideas on where I can get help.

I hope everyone has a great day and even though we all cry alot - there is still hope.  Never give up.  The answer is just around the corner.



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